If you want to build a cross-platform mobile app in 2021 your two best choices are Flutter and React Native.

Both frameworks have risen in popularity and promise fast development, near-native performance, and a smooth UI — all from one codebase. But how do they differ? And which framework is the best one to pick in 2021? Read on to find out.

I will first give a short introduction to both frameworks. Then I will walk you through direct comparisons between React Native and Flutter. …

You might have set yourself the resolution to finally learn programming this year. Or your earlier attempts at learning to code never quite took off. There is an infinite number of things to learn once you start looking. But there is one key skill you need to develop — no matter which path your programming career takes.

Note: This post includes some simple code samples in Javascript. Even if you have never read a programming language before, you can probably tell what’s going on just by reading them!

There is no shortage of learning material, if you want to learn…

Two of my favorite frameworks when working in Typescript fullstack applications are NextJS and NestJS.

They give you sensible defaults for your app and make it easy to plugin additional functionality. One feature that most apps share is authenticating users.

In this series I will walk through a complete authentication flow with NextJS / NestJS. But I will not just provide you with copy and paste examples. I will give a primer on authentication and explain exactly why we make certain design decisions around our authentication. Let’s jump in!

The basics of authentication

Authentication in our app is responsible for making sure that we…

There is one tool that has completely changed the way I write code. Factories. And even though I am German, I don’t mean the one they are building BMW’s in.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a frontend or backend developer, whether you dig object-oriented programming or not. You will think differently about software structure and write 10x better code after you learned about this magical technique.

The Problem

I bet you have encountered this problem before. You write an innocent function that converts an object before you send it off on an API request or render it in a component.


When I decided to learn programming many years ago, I could find great tutorials on almost everything. I took fundamental computer science classes from Harvard and Stanford, I took a degree program in full-stack development at Udacity, and I learned about specific coding languages and frameworks on Udemy (you can read more about resources when getting started on programming here).

However, as I became fluent at writing code I faced challenges I had not encountered before. What happens when your codebase grows large? Where should you put your code? Which folder structure makes sense? …

I am fascinated by nutrition and what effect it can have on your energy, mood, and health. For the past four years, I have been eating low-carb, with six months eating a very strict paleo diet.

I had read about the keto diet and its benefits before. Most of the people I follow for health guidance had implemented a keto diet at some point in their life. But whenever I tried going very low-carb I felt miserable within 1–2 days. Headaches, weakness and fatigue ensued and I convinced myself that my body needs higher carbohydrate intake.

My fiancé and I…

After I graduated from university I was sure what I was going to become: a tech entrepreneur. I had spent the better part of two years learning to code in the evenings while finishing my business degree during the day. But once I started my company, I became confused.

Startup Land

I saw two types of tech companies out there. One prominent in media outlets like TechCrunch and Wired. I was starstruck by Juggernauts like AirBnB and Uber that seemed like the pinnacle of entrepreneurship.

In the Stockholm tech community I also found an ecosystem around unicorns: business angels, accelerators and VC…

Elon Musk has completely revolutionized multiple industries in a very short amount of time. He usually approaches each market with three strategies:

  1. Reduce the product into its fundamental principles (an approach known as first principle thinking)
  2. Take control of the value chain
  3. Create a compelling story that changes the perception of the industry

Electric is the new black

One of these industries is the automobile sector where Elon established himself with Tesla. One of his first goals was to change the perception of electric vehicles from a lame middle-class equivalent of Khaki pants to an exciting sports vehicle.

He did this by starting at the…

I sometimes tell folks that I learned to program because I wanted to become a tech entrepreneur and knew how difficult it was to find good developers. I discovered along the way that this is one of the worst reasons learning to program and not what was driving me.

My real motivation comes down to three fundamental characteristics of programming that make it so enjoyable.

  1. Programming gives you the superpower to create. You can create a new program from scratch and all you need is a laptop. Most software for coding is open source and free. …

I have a belief that much of the thinking we apply to our personal lives and even humanity as a whole is leading us astray to the wrong causes.

One of the most common area I see this type of thinking applied is in health and nutrition. Since the human body is a complex system that has thousands of environmental inputs we have a hard time determining what is the cause when things go wrong.

Root causes of chronic disease

Infectious diseases like Polio or Tuberculosis were the easy part. For infectious diseases where our immune system responds, we came up with vaccines to trigger…

Johannes Herrmann

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. Currently fullstack lead at SAAS Typelane, previously co-founded Airinum. You can read more about me at https://johannes.co.

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